Announcing the Class of 2018 hackNY Fellows!

Meet the Class of 2018: This Fellowship of 19 students comes from 15 universities, spread out all over the US!  They are an impressive, diverse group, with great tech skills and strong ideas about the future of our industry. Thanks to the generosity of a varied community of supporters, the Fellows program includes community-style housing in Union Square as well as a series of pedagogical lectures introducing the hackNY Fellows to founders, investors, journalists, technologists, and all-around leaders from the NYC startup community.

Fellows will also use their skills to assist nonprofits in social good projects, from mental health technology to tech education to interactive art installations. They will work alongside hackNY AlumNY and representatives of social good organizations to build the tools needed to give back to New York City. 

AlumNY from the program return to mentor the Fellows during the summer, helping them navigate their new internships, New York City and life in general. We are so excited the Class of 2018 is joining our community!

Since 2010, hackNY has partnered with over 100 host startups to host over 200 hackNY Fellows. Our Fellows are interning at 13 different New York City startups this summer and learning everything they can about New York’s tech scene. We look forward to continuing the long partnerships hackNY has had with many host startups, and we are also excited to be working with 5 of our host startups for the first time. View all the host startups we’ve worked with and more program details on our Fellows site.

Announcing Demo Night 2018: An evening of demos and celebration will take place Friday, August 3th. This event commemorates the end of the summer and is a chance for the Fellows to show off the summer projects they worked on, both professionally and personally. Demo Night is open to the tech community, and RSVPs and more information will be coming soon.

Amber Rawson 
Rutgers University

Ben  Yang
Rutgers University

Calvin Dong
UC Berkeley

Chuang Tang
Vanderbilt University

Dana Fein-Schaffer
Wellesley College

Emily Koagedal
UC Berkeley

Janice Lee

Kalvin Lam
Brown University

Kellie Dinh
Bryn Mawr College

Kevin Liao
Haverford College

Krish Dholakiya
University of Colorado Boulder

Martha Edwards
Brown University

Michael Yang
New York University

Noah Huber-Feely
Columbia University

Noah Keppers
Michigan State University

Pearl Leff
Hunter College

Raymond Berger
Eckerd College

Tanya Balaraju
Rutgers University

Zach Hay
University of Pennsylvania