Whitney Joins hackNY AlumNY!

Whit Pic form Etsy

Whitney in Etsy’s Photobooth during hackNY Speakers Series event with Hilary Parker


We are pleased to announce that Whitney Green, hackNY’s General Manager, will be joining the ranks of the hackNY alumni!  After working with hackNY to recruit some of the country’s top student-hackers as part of the hackNY Fellows program, Whitney is taking her recruitment talents nation-wide and will be working in campus recruitment at PwC.   She will continue to engage her interests in programming, recruiting, and mentoring engineering students as they consider their career choices and opportunities.


Whitney notes that the hackNY alumni, the NYC tech community, and hackNY’s work building community within both is “a mission that will stay close to her heart”.  Thankfully, Whitney will remain in NYC and will continue to champion the NYC startup community, the hackNY Fellows, and the hackNY mission!


We all will miss her and wish her the best!



Team hackNY