hackNY 2014 Fellowship DemoFest and Class Announcement!!

About the DemoFest:   hackNY is excited to announce this summer’s DemoFest for the class of 2014 hackNY Fellows — our fifth cohort of awesome hackNY Fellows!  See project demos from the work they’ve done this summer at a wide variety of stellar NYC startup.  Admission is free. Register here.

About the Fellows: Our 33 Fellows come from 25 universities as far west as Pomona College, as far south as Louisiana Tech University, and as far east as NYU Shanghai! Thanks to the generosity of a diverse community of supporters, the Fellows program includes community-style housing in Union Square as well as a series of pedagogical lectures introducing the hackNY Fellows to founders, investors, journalists, technologists, and all-around leaders from the NYC startup community.

The members of the class of 2014 hackNY Fellows and their host startups are:

Name School Startup
Abhishek Gadiraju University of Pennsylvania  flatiron_black_text_with_white_bg
Alex Wheeler Boston University Magnetic_LogoType_Pantone_2
Amelia Winger-Bearskin NYU TISCH-ITP Canary Logo
Calvin Chan UCLA Magnetic_LogoType_Pantone_2
Catherine Moresco University of Chicago Oscar Logo
David Lu Carnegie Mellon University ChatID Logo
Deepak Kumar University of Michigan REDI Logo
Emily Zhang Massachusetts Institute of Technology Oyster logo
Evan Casey Claremont McKenna College Magnetic_LogoType_Pantone_2
Garrett Parrish Harvard University Foursquare Logo
Hanne Paine Stony Brook University Betterpath Logo
Jamis Johnson Columbia University Seen Logo
Jennifer Nordquist University of Maryland Betterpath Logo
Jian Shen Tan Brown University and RiSD Magnetic_LogoType_Pantone_2
Jing Xiao Carnegie Mellon University NextJump Logo
Kenny Song NYU Shanghai Magnetic_LogoType_Pantone_2
Kyle Johnson Rutgers New Brunswick Cafe Logo
Kyle Ryan University of Rochester instapaper_logo
Lisa Luo Dartmouth College Kickstarter Logo
Manuel Lopez Rutgers University Chartbeat Logo
Maria van Keulen Columbia University MongoDB Logo
Matt Condon Louisiana Tech University Magnetic_LogoType_Pantone_2
Matt Dahl Pomona College Magnetic_LogoType_Pantone_2
Michael Garate NYU Gallatin Wildcard Logo
Nina Freeman NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering Kickstarter Logo
Patrick Facheris Columbia University Magnetic_LogoType_Pantone_2
Quinn Liu Virginia Tech Magnetic_LogoType_Pantone_2
Sam Agnew Rutgers University ordrin-logo-transp-220x64
Sandile Keswa Temple University Meetup logo
Shyamal Ruparel University of Cincinnati Datadog Logo
Sruti Modekurty Carnegie Mellon University Birchbox Logo
Walter Menendez Massachusetts Institute of Technology MongoDB Logo
Wayne Chang Rutgers University BoardRounds Logo