Thanks, hackNY. Love, Hacker League.

The following is a guest blog post by Abe Stanway, a 2011 hackNY Fellow and founder of Hacker League, recently acquired by Intel.


I remember when Ian and I first thought of the idea for Hacker League: we were on the train back from a YCombinator event in New York and we were so inspired to start building that we came up with the idea of a hackathon management tool and started making mockups on the spot.  When we explained the idea to Swift, his immediate reaction was, “I’m in. Let’s build.”


The fall 2011 hackNY student hackathon was a week away. Ian and I excitedly called Chris and Evan, the founders of hackNY, and asked them if we could use Hacker League to run the event. They agreed, sight unseen, and we went on to ditch our classes that week and whip out the first version of Hacker League. We had to keep hacking on it during the hackathon itself to make sure it was ready to accept submissions in time. It was quite the meta-hack!


But we pulled it off, and the event ran smoothly. Over the following two years, we would go on to graduate and find full-time jobs, nurturing Hacker League on the side. It has remained a constant presence in our lives, growing alongside hackNY and the broader hackathon community.


The hackNY mission has always been to federate the next generation of NYC hacker youth. We are so grateful to be a part of this community, and we are honored to have been granted the opportunity to give back. Hacker League’s success does not belong to myself and my co-founders – it belongs to hackNY.


May this be the first of many hackNY exits!


The Hacker League co-founders are Ian Jennings (2010 hackNY Fellow), Abe Stanway (2011 hackNY Fellow), and Mike Swift.  Congratulations from Team hackNY on this awesome accomplishment!!