2012 hackNY Fellow Emmett Butler releases Heads Up! Hot Dogs with Adult Swim Games

During the 2012 hackNY Fellows program, Fellow Emmett Butler taught a workshop on iOS game development to the rest of the class of 2012 hackNY Fellows. This week Emmett releases his latest iOS game Heads Up! Hot Dogs with Adult Swim Games.

“We’re excited to be releasing Heads Up with Adult Swim games. We wanted to make a game that people would get addicted to and at the same time be unlike any other game out there, and so far it seems like people like it. During hackNY, I would come home from full days at Parsely and start working on Heads Up until early in the morning. I was doing it because it was fun, and it’s an incredible feeling to see people enjoying the game I spent so much time helping build.” — Emmett Butler

Congrats, Emmett!!!