hackNY’s Summer Lecture Series Intros Fellows to NYC Startups

hackNY’s 10-week Summer Fellows Program includes a pedagogical lecture series designed to introduce Fellows to New York’s vibrant tech community.

Summer Series lectures featured a wide variety of speakers who introduced Fellows to the ins and outs of working for and founding a company. This year’s speakers included a mix of technologists, founders, journalists investors and designers.

June 1 – The first hackNY Summer Series lecture kicked off with Ann Miura-Ko, who has been called “the most powerful woman in startups” by Forbes.

June 7 – hackNY Fellows attended the June 2011 New York Tech Meetup, the largest public event during Internet Week.

June 8 – For the second installment of hackNY’s Summer Series, Elena Silenok, founder of Clothia.com discussed her transition from computer science researcher to Wall Street to startup founder.

June 14 – Joel Spolsky, co-founder of Fog Creek Software and Stack Overflow shared his academic experience and path to success during the third Summer Series lecture.

June 7 – hackNY Fellows attended the July 2011 New York Tech Meetup, whose theme was “The Now Neighborhood”

June 16 – Dan Guido, security consultant at iSEC Partners, spoke with hackNY Fellows about mobile application security.

June 20 – Josh Knowles, managing director of Pivotal Labs, NYC, discussed agile methodologies, pair programming and the shop’s philosophies.

June 21 – Howard Morgan spoke with hackNY Fellows about his varied experiences, from professor to investor and many accomplishments between.

June 27 – New York Times tech reporter Jenna Wortham gave tips on how to work with reporters to make sure your story gets told.

June 30 – User experience designer Whitney Hess shared her experiences and tips for building products with good UX.

July 7 – Christopher “moot” Poole talked with Fellows about starting 4chan and his latest startup, Canv.as

July 11 – Chris Dixon, Hunch.com founder and angel investor, spoke with Fellows about a variety of topics including his experience starting a company and seeking funding.

July 18 – Steven L. Baglio of Gunderson Dettmer, who represents many startups, including Christopher “moot” Poole’s Canvas, told Fellows about startups’ basic legal needs and things to look out for.

July 20 – Startup coach Jerry Colonna told Fellows about NYC’s startup ecosystem: then and now.

July 21 – Hilary Mason, hackNY cofounder and bit.ly’s chief scientist, discussed the impact and applications of “big data” in NYC startups.

July 25 -Union Square Ventures’ partners chatted with Fellows about the present and future states of NYC’s startup ecosystem.

July 27 – SecondMarket’s Barry Silbert spoke with Fellows about the history of his company and how US markets are changing.

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