2010 hackNY Fellows Tal and Max won Foursquare hackathon yesterday!

This guest post is from class of 2010 hackNY Fellow Tal Safran

This weekend, I hacked (and won) at the foursquare global hackathon with my good friend Max Stoller. Our hack, “how ______ are you,” takes your foursquare checkins and crosses them with publicly available census data to give you demographic information about the places you go to.


For example, it told me that I’m “62% single” since among the places I go to, 62% of the population is single. In NYC, the Meatpacking District is the most single (77%) while Soho is the least single (57%). Our hack won and now we’re competing for the global title — a championship belt.

It’s always a blast hacking with Max, and this is the fourth hack we’ve built together. We actually became good friends at the first hackNY hackathon, after using the Aviary API to add mustaches to people. We also did the hackNY Fellows program together, which was an unforgettable experience.

We dedicate this hack to hackNY, keeping the kids off the street.