hackNY DemoFest 2011

In this post 2011 hackNY Fellow Kelsey Lee describes the hackNY DemoFest

At the hackNY fellows DemoFest, the fellows were invited to present the work they did at their startups or on their own time in front of hackNY and its many supporters. From the Kinect Fluid Dynamics demo to the interactive game play of OMGPop’s Dudez to the examinations of site and user analytics, a broad range of topics and skills were featured. Although the fellows were initially focused on showcasing their most innovative work, the DemoFest ended up becoming an opportunity for the students to support their peers. These presentations are the perfect platform for audience members to become inspired to pursue new ideas, collaborations, and projects.

The hackNY Fellows are truly the next generation of hackers. As a hackNY alumna I can’t thank hackNY enough for everything I learned over the course of these 10 weeks from working at a groundbreaking startup, hearing from an amazing group of speakers, and interacting with 34 new friends. DemoFest attempts to capture everything that is special about hackNY within a 2.5 hour block of time, and what can’t be articulated in that time hopefully shines through in this video that the class of 2011 came together to make: