hackNY Summer Series Lecture: Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon

In this post 2011 hackNY Fellow Abe Stanway describes the hackNY Summer Series lecture with Chris Dixon

We had a talk with Chris Dixon yesterday, and it was one of the more anticipated talks of the summer. I almost knew what to expect from him, because I’ve been reading his blog for a while, but it was still great to hear what he had to say about the tech scene in person. He covered the standard tech-talk fare: finding a good co-founder, shooting for long-term, helpful investors, and why having biz devs around isn’t always a terrible idea. He stressed the importance of writing well (a recurring theme this summer), and how his philosophy degrees have paid off in that respect.

Chris Dixon and the Fellows

Chris also mentioned how it all comes down to hustle, which is a word I hear being thrown around a lot these days. People in tech get respect, even if they fail, as long as they hustle and stay on their grind. He could have been quoting Tupac, at that point, but there’s nothing wrong with that – maybe I should start hanging out in the rap room on Turntable.fm and see if I can’t scrape up some supplementary material! His most inspiring words? “I don’t think I know anyone who’s decently intelligent, and who’s stuck it out for a while, that hasn’t met success in some capacity through startups.” Sounds easy enough. Here’s to the hustle!