hackNY is hiring: apply now for General Manager!

hackNY is a nonprofit which aims to federate the next generation of hackers for the New York innovation community. Co-organized by faculty from NYU and Columbia, and with a board of advisors which includes educators, technologists, and entrepreneurs, hackNY organizes the summer Fellows program and student hackathons during the school year in order to create and empower a community of student-technologists.

The summer Fellows program for the class of 2011 is in nearing its close: 35 Fellows from across the US and Canada are working at NYC’s best startups during the day, including 10Gen, Aviary, Boxee, BuzzFeed, Etsy, foursquare, Gilt Groupe, GroupMe, Hunch, Rent The Runway, Tumblr, and Yipit. At night, they’re learning what they need to know to join or found their own startups, with lectures from NYC’s top technologists, designers, investors, and journalists, including Chris Dixon, Whitney Hess, Chris Poole, Joel Spolsky, Fred Wilson, and Jenna Wortham. In addition, the Fellows lead technical workshops to teach each other from their complementary skill sets, and are helping hackNY foster the next generation of technology innovators for NYC’s startup ecosystem.

With the summer nearing its end, it’s time to turn to making sure that next year builds on this success for the 2011-2012 academic year and beyond. And for that, we will need a full-time General Manager. Thanks to a generous outpouring of support from startups, foundations, and investors, we are hiring. Our hope is to hire an General Manager who, unlike the two current organizers, can work full time on the hackNY mission.

In conversations with our advisors, we’ve pictured someone interested in startups, nonprofits, technology, and education. We’re looking for someone who would enjoy being plunged into the heart of NYC’s vibrant and growing startup ecosystem.

The General Manager must be able to coordinate outreach to the student-hacking population both for the Fellows program and for the spring and fall semester hackNY student hackathons; to keep our community updated; and most importantly must share our vision for educating students about NYC’s fantastic startup ecosystem and empowering students to join (or found their own) NYC startups.

The specific responsibilities include:

* outreach to students nationally

* outreach to alumni and coordinating alumni events

* maintaining communications with the community online (via our blog, twitter, and whatever tech next year brings…)

* organizing hackNY’s fundraising

* organizing financial reporting to supporters

* organizing hackNY events (e.g., hackathons and the dinner-lectures during the Fellows program)

* ensuring timely and high-quality execution of the application process for the Fellows program

* running day-to-day operations of hackNY (e.g., event planning, coordinating scheduling, communication with service providers)

An ideal candidate should:

* Value mentoring

* Enjoy meeting people and helping building community

* Possess technical ability sufficient to manage spreadsheets, wikis, blogs, etc.

* Possess communication/expression ability sufficient to keep our community updated with coherent concise text

* Be comfortable with a job requiring the diversity of high-level and low-level tasks described above

* Be very, very, very organized

Our most important requirements will be sharing the values of our existing team and cultural fit. We work closely and care deeply about the long-term success of the hackNY mission and demand the same of our team. You should be reliable, honest, and genuine. We’re hoping to build something that benefits NYC on a decade-long time scale, and can be an emulatable model for other communities. We are primarily looking for someone who shares that vision, not for someone interested in today’s buzz in the startup scene.

If you’d like to be considered, please contact us via hackNY.jobscore.com. Please share your LinkedIn profile and use the “cover letter” to provide links to your online identity, accomplishments, and, if appropriate, pointers to any portfolio or prior accomplishments.

If you have any comments on the post, suggestions about the role, or for people we should reach out to, please do let us know at search (at ) hackNY.org .