hackNY Fellows Workshop: Unix Command Line and iOS

In this post 2011 hackNY Fellow Misha Ponizil describes the lastest student workshop, in which Fellows teach each other tips, tricks and skills they know and are learning through their internships. 

HackNY Workshop #2 began with a quick rundown of cool tips and tricks for using the command line. Fellows Eitan Adler (ShapeWays) and Aditya Mukerjee (Foursquare) each presented a list of their favorite command line tricks. They both encouraged the other fellows to dig into the command line for greater productivity and efficiency.

Then we had Aviary intern Andrew Chien give an intro to developing for iOS. Chien is currently working on Aviary’s mobile app that will give user’s the ability to quickly and easily manipulate photos on their mobile devices.

Chien began with an overview of XCode and the default Objective C code that is provided in a new project. We wrote a couple lines that generated a button within the app, and then used the Interface Builder to attach an additional button to a notification event. The presentation concluded with copying and pasting a short script Chien had prepared that resulted in a free draw app.