hackNY 2011 at the July New York Tech Meetup

In this post 2011 hackNY Fellow Akarshan Kumar describes the July 2011 New York Tech Meetup

On July 5th, hackNY Fellows were invited to attend the New York Tech Meetup. The demonstrations at this month’s meetup included:

Sonar – An iOS app to connect with others at the same venue through mutual acquaintances

LocalBonus – A web app that attempts to make earning and redeeming loyalty points from local merchants easier

VivaLaPlaylist – A way for people to watch the same YouTube music videos with friends across multiple devices

Watchlr – A plugin with a slick visual interface used to bookmark videos for later viewing

CityPockets – A virtual wallet to keep track of daily deal coupons from across various sites

Skillslate demoed too, with a very innovative gig – they had a dance group perform for them (which they found through their own website), and the audience actually ended up interviewing the group members on how hard (or easy) they found the site to navigate! Video below:

The coolest demo, though, was Bio Digital Human, a mind-blowing interactive rendering of the human body, designed to aid in the study of human anatomy and systems. The project could be an amazing tool for medical students. The site is uses OpenGL, and apparently appears in 3D when viewed with 3D glasses. Yes, 3D within a browser. Given the talented team, we’re sure it’s been done well.

It was a great event, and we felt a little sad since this was hackNY’s last NYTM together. But the important impact of the meetups on us is that they have motivated us to stay more tuned into the NY tech scene. Overall, it was an evening well spent, and to cap it off, we headed off to Stand Burger for dinner.

Here’s the video of the entire event. If you do watch it, keep an eye out for how the host boos an audience member for asking a business model related question but later gets booed himself for doing the same! Also watch out for the City Pockets demo, where one of the presenters uses his own account to demonstrate the daily deals aggregator and, much to the delight of the audience, it’s full of massage and spa-related deals around town!