hackNY at the August 2011 NYTM

hackNY’s 2011 Summer Fellows Program concluded with the DemoFest on July 28th, but several Fellows were still around working on independent projects and attended the August 2nd New York Tech Meetup.

NYTech Meetup August 2011 from NY Tech Meetup on Vimeo.

Although this month’s NYTM didn’t have an official theme, some of the startups presenting had some similarities. There were personalization engines such as Brom.ly – an event activity recommender, and Dibsie – a shopping site that recommends deals based on your preferences and on-site activity.

There were also social tools like want! – a mobile app that lets you share photos of things you spot in real life you’d like to own, and KnowAboutIt – a service that highlights the most personally relevant content shared in your social streams. Voyurl privately tracks your web usage, offering recommendations and showcasing unique and insightful data about your own browsing habits through a variety of interactive charts. Apparently the founder, Adam Leibsohn, went homeless to finish building the product.

StockTouch brings slick stock visualization to the iPad, and Zaarly lets anyone post what they want and how much they’ll pay for it, allowing those affected by the data presented by StockTouch to quickly earn a few bucks.

Finally, two apps that emerged from personal needs were also demoed: A productivity tool called Idea Flight syncs presentations across a roomful of devices, and 110 Stories, which shows pencil sketches of the Twin Towers where they used to be via augmented reality, emerged out of Brian August’s self-described obsession with the buildings.