Thank you, NYC.

We have much to be thankful for — the week before Thanksgiving, 1500+ members of New York’s tech community gathered at the State Armory for Raise Cache, a benefit for hackNY organized by Rebecca Zhou and Kane Sarhan.

The event was a tremendous success and over $100,000 was raised for hackNY. The money will be used to continue to federate the next generation of hackers for the New York innovation community.

It was great seeing the outpouring of support from the community and we are extremely thankful to those that contributed and helped make this happen. We got together some former hackNY fellows to say thanks.

We’d like to thank the following for making this happen:

The Raise Cache Team
Bianca Campued, Brian Malkerson, Claire Knebl, Kane Sarhan, Karene Schloss, Kendall Brezinski, Mallory Blair, Meghan Grosso, Nolan Filter, Rachel Lin, Rebecca Zhou

Raptor, Squarespace, Nasdaq, Thread, Secondmarket, Eventbrite, Lot18, KPMG, Fashion GPS, Serve, MongoDB / 10Gen, Watchittoo, Greycroft Partners, IA Ventures, RRE Ventures, Softbank Capital, Silicon Valley Bank, Bread Alert, Insight Venture Partners, Square 1 Bank, Daily Worth, Workbridge Associates, Zelkova Ventures

Fashion Brands
Rent the Runway, Bonobos, Bauble Bar, Shoptiques, Proper Cloth, Of A Kind , The Cools , Market Publique , Source4Style , 72Lux , Carrie Hammer , Quincy , chloe + isabel, Stylecaster , Edition 01 , Lineby, Edition 01, Rent the Runway, Quincy , Bauble Bar, Bauble Bar, Katherine Kwei, Life Tie

Raffle and Auction
Broodr, Movie Pass, Jetsetter, Join Bklyn, Join Bklyn, Svpply, Gin Lane, Pivotal Labs, General Assembly, Fashion Center, Microsoft, Fueled, Sail Thru, Projective Space, Warby Parker, NewsCred, Total Control, Uber, Gilt City, Gansevoort Gramercy, Jack Robie, Loom Decor, NYTM, Everything Butt Art, Fitted Fashion, Aha.Life, Life Tiek

Alex Nelson, Alexa Von Tobel, Alexis Tryon, Amy Cao, Andrew Rasiej, Ashley Granata, Aubrey Sabala, Brooke Moreland, Caren Maio, Carol Han , Caroline Scheinfeld, Carrie Hamerslag, Carter Cleveland, Cezary Pietrzak, Chris Paik, Christina Cacioppo, Christina Wallace, Courtney Boyd Myers, Dan Herman, David Rodriguez, David Tisch, Erin Tao, Fred Wilson, Jessica Lawrence, Joe Yveoli, Jordan Cooper, Kathryn Minshew, Katia Beauchamp , Katie Hunt, Kevin Prentiss, Kristine Kubat, LauraZapata, Lilia DeGregory, Marissa Evans, Marissa Wilson, Matt Kochman, Matt Shampine, Maya Bartz, Megan Filipp, Melanie Moore, Mimi Nguyen, Nate Westheimer, Nihal Mehta, Nikhil Kalghatgi, Phil Thomas Di Giulio, Phin Barnes, Quinten Farmer, Rachel Sklar, Rameet Chawla, Reece Pacheco, Roger Ehrenberg, Sarah Kunst, Scott Carleton, Summer Rayne Oakes, Will Peng

Hosting Committee
Adam Rothenberg, Alan Chen, Alex Kirshbaum, Alex Taub, Amanda Peyton, Andrew Chen, Ari Goldberg, Brooke Moreland, Carter Cleveland, Chris Paik, Chris Wiggins, Christinia Cacioppo, David Goldberg, Evan Korth, James Wahba, Jason Baptiste, Kristen Ming, Matt Shampine, Michael Karnjanaprakorn, Mimi N, Nikhil Kalghtgi, Rachel Sklar, Richard Blakely, Steven Rojas, Vin Vacanti, Will Peng, Yuli Ziv, Bianca Campued, Mallory Blair, Amy Jain, Daniella Y, Alex Kirshbaum, Jesse Kirshbaum, Josh Weinstein


Most of all, we’d like to thank you, NYC, for helping us keep the kids off the street (Wall Street).

Fellows’ Perspective: Sledgehammers and Awesomeness at Tuesday’s NYTM

Tal Safran is a computer science student at NYU and a HackNY 2010 Fellow. Tal is working at

I went to the NY Tech Meetup this past Tuesday with several HackNY fellows, and all I got was this lousy iPad:

Smashed iPad at June NYTM

Here’s what happened: in the middle of an otherwise ordinary presentation for, NY Tech Meetup founder Scott Heiferman whipped out a sledgehammer and proceeded to Jimi-Hendrix the crap out of a brand new iPad just to drive the following point home: sometimes you need to use the Internet to help yourself get off of the Internet.

And Meetup is certainly great for doing that. I live in NYC year-round and have been to a few Tech Meetups prior to this one. In fact, I was fortunate enough to present at the event back in April. With me on stage were “fellow” HackNY Fellows Ian Jennings and Max Stoller. It was a great experience.

How did we get there? We participated in (and won) the NYC Student Hackathon, which coincidentally was HackNY‘s inaugural event. At the Hackathon, over a dozen companies presented their APIs and swarms of students were given 24 hours to write the funkiest, most creative apps and pitch them to the crowd. It was a crash course in what all successful start-ups do: find an inventive, useful application that fulfills some need and show everybody why it’s the next-best-thing.

Back to the Tech Meetup on Tuesday: there were presenters at all stages of the startup cycle. Some were 50-person companies with heavy investment while others had little more than prototypes with 1-minute demos (after time expired, they got gonged). The demos were interesting, sure, but HackNY has sharpened my vision and given me perspective: while the presenters were on stage, I was analyzing everything. I noticed the other Fellows were, too, and in between demos we would discuss the products, the presenters, and how we would’ve done it differently.

We’re becoming comfortable with the process. hackNY is helping us take the tools we learn at our various schools and actually create something with them. I’ll take that any day over working for some corporation.

Sometimes you need to use the Internet to help yourself get off the internet. And sometimes you need people from academia to help you figure out what the hell you’re gonna do with yourself after you leave academia.


Before I go, some standouts from the Tech Meetup:

  • ThumbPlay gave a sneak-peek of their next-generation online audio player, all written in HTML5.
  • Kyle Bragger introduced Forrst, a place for developers and designers to share their work and give each other assistance. It’s invite-only for now, but the splash screen is so damn cool.
  • Perpetually floored everyone with their super-smart tool which pairs analytics data with visual snapshots of your web site at any given point in time.