class of 2013 hackNY Fellows: Housing Update


As part of hackNY’s mission, we provide free housing to all hackNY Fellows and Mentors during the 10-week Fellows program. We want to enable every Fellow to get to know other members of their cohort, as we’ve seen how the friendships they cultivate over the summer continue to be valuable contacts, collaborators, and cofounders for years.

In previous summers, the housing was in suites of quads (two bedrooms with two residents in each bedroom). The class of 2012 suggested that, given how awesome and essential the hackNY Fellows’ housing is to the program, even better would be using NYU’s communal spaces in the suites. Based on that feedback, this year, we’re providing 13-person suites (mix of doubles and singles in each suite). Each suite has bathrooms, kitchen facilities, and large common spaces to accommodate late night hanging and hacking.

Our experience is that by living together, students learn the most from each other, and bring out the best in each other. We are very excited that the residential experience is going to be even more awesome and can’t wait for the class of 2013 to arrive in NYC!!!