Congratulations to the Winners of the Spring 2012 hackNY Student Hackathon!!

Congratulations to the winners of the spring 2012 hackNY student hackathon!

1st Place: cLoudspeaker
Xin Yang Yak (Princeton), Eugene Lee (Princeton), Alexander Zhao (Princeton), Kaushal Parikh (Rutgers University)

2nd Place: Nonsense and Sensibility
Jacob Andreas (Columbia University)

3rd Place: Musicgallery
Raymond Zhong (Princeton), Daniel Chyan (Princeton), Elaine Liew (Princeton)

Most Judgmental: JudgingHipster 
Hans Hyttinen (Columbia University)

Not Quite Erlang: Fourthquare
Aditya Mukerjee (Columbia University)
Xbox from the awesome people at 10gen!!!

Most APIs: hacknyancat
Charlie He (Columbia University), Nathan Hwang (Columbia University), Nancy Ouyang (MIT), David Iserovich (NYU), Timothy Yang (MIT)

Best Hardware Hack: RFID Food Orderer
Kevin Barresi (Stevens Institute of Technology)

Hacking for Good: Give a Little
Tess Rinearson (UPenn), Nicholas Meyer (UPenn), Drew Inglis (CMU), Willy Huang (UPenn), Alice Lee (UPenn)

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