Announcing the 2010 hackNY Fellows is excited to announce the class of 2010 hackNY Fellows!

Our 12 Fellows were chosen from over 100 applicants; more than 70 NYC startups applied to work with them. The Fellowship program includes a series of pedagogical lectures introducing Fellows to startups and to the NYC startup ecosystem, as well as housing in Union Square, thanks to the support of the Kauffman foundation and the assistance of ISOC-NY.
The hosting startups and their fellows are:

10gen Chris Triolo Princeton University
Aprizi Julie Dinerman Columbia University
Aviary Tal Safran New York University Ian Jennings Rutgers University
Business Insider Nolan Filter New York University
buzzd Tengchao Zhou New York University
Buzzfeed Clement Huyghebaert Columbia University
Comixology Andres Campanella New York University
DesignerPages Max Stoller New York University
Knewton Stuart Partin Columbia University
OKCupid Anil Raj Columbia University
Parsely Jacob Hickey New York University