New York Business Journal N.Y.C. Tech Wizards Convene for HackNY’s Spring 2016 Event  – April, 2016

Held twice a year, these events feature New York’s youngest tech wizards convening at either New York University or Columbia University for one common goal: to build something cool. Whether it’s treated as a professional networking opportunity, or just a fun way to hang out with peers, HackNY offers an intriguing combo of zealous experimentation with the mental stamina of pulling an all night coding session.

Wired Campus ‘Hackathon’ Events Proliferate for Student Programmers – October, 2012

The computer-science curriculum focuses chiefly on understanding algorithms, hardware, and software rather than the “language du jour” popular in the programming community at the moment, said Chris Wiggins, an associate professor of applied physics and applied mathematics at Columbia University. Mr. Wiggins co-founded a nonprofit organization in 2010 called HackNY with the goal of complementing traditional computer-science education with student hackathons and connecting students with start-ups in New York.

NYU Blog Talking with Evan Korth: the NYC “Tech Guy” – June, 2012

On campus, Evan Korth is known as the “startup guy” and the “computers and societies guy.” But in the broader scope of the NYC tech community, Evan is an educator, an innovator, a leader, and a coder since the age of eleven. Last week, we sat down with Evan in his office to chat about his time at NYU, his involvement in the NYC tech scene, and the future of technology and society.

hackNY – hackNY Student Hackathons March, 2012

Since April 2010, hackNY’s student hackathons have attracted hundreds of students from scores of universities for 24-hour events in which participants collaborate on creative coding challenges. At the beginning of hackNY student hackathons, New York City startups selected by the student organizing committee demo their APIs. Students then form teams to brainstorm ideas for projects to build based on these APIs, working through the night to turn their ideas into reality in time to present before a panel of judges the following day, competing for prizes and glory.

NYU Alumni Connect hackNY’s Spring 2012 Student Hackathon Draws Top Tech Talent to NYU – April, 2012

Over 300 ambitious students opted to spend the first weekend of spring holed up in NYU’s Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences for 24 hours straight while competing in hackNY’s fifth biannual Student Hackathon.  The students came from top universities including NYU, Columbia, MIT, Harvard, and Yale, among others, and represent some of the brightest young tech talent on the East Coast

Technoverse Blog Hackers Come Through at Fifth hackNY Hackathon – March, 2012

While the rest of us were having our usual Saturday nights, hackers from the New York City metro area and from far away places, like New Haven, Philadelphia, and something called Boston, coded away the night at NYU’s Courant Institute for hackNY’s biggest ever hackathon. Their results were presented Sunday to a packed house in one of the longer demo sessions I can recall sitting through at a hack event.

BetaBeat – cLoudspeaker Proves the Easiest Way to Win a Hackathon is by Rickrolling the Audience – March, 2012

Last weekend’s hackNY Hackathon at NYU’s Courant Institute culled some of the best young engineering minds from the East Coast to compete in a 24-hour code battle to the DEATH (okay, not really). But still–intense! The main project criteria for this hackathon? “Awesomeness,” obviously.

BrianLehrer.TV hackNY on the Brian Lehrer Show – March, 2012

As Wall St. employment sags, the technology sector of our local economy is thriving. Employment in tech firms rose 28% between 2005 and 2010 according to the City Economic Corporation. But even with all those hires, tech companies face a man power shortage when it comes to programmers. hackNY an initiative founded by computer science professors at Columbia and NYU are trying to fix that. The founders of hackNY, Evan Korth of NYU and Chris Wiggins of Columbia are with us now.

Financial News New York mayor Bloomberg is California dreaming – February, 2012

Contributing to the growth of the tech sector has been hackNY, which was launched by the faculty from New York University and Columbia University, to connect student developers with new companies by offering internships at start-ups and holding hackathons, which operate as creative weekend computer workshops. Hundreds of students are invited to develop products over a single weekend. ChrisWiggins, co-founder of hackNY, said: “Our aims are to bring more engineering talent into the city and create a network of entrepreneurs.”

Columbia Spectator – hackNY’s Christopher Wiggins talks startups and hacking – February, 2012

Today we present an interview with Christopher Wiggins, an associate professor of applied mathematics at the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Professor Wiggins has helped Columbia students and students from around the world engage in New York’s burgeoning startup community through his work with hackNY, a nonprofit initiative he co-founded in 2010. Check out the full interview after the jump.

Inc. MagazineHow to Bag a Hacker – January, 2012

That kind of publicity can make all the difference when recruiting ambitious technologists, says Evan Korth, a computer science professor at New York University who also helps run HackNY, a program that connects student developers with start-ups. He points out that transforming engineers into rock stars proved a winning strategy for Google, which maintains an extensive network of blogs about software development. “By bragging about your clever solutions, you get other young developers to see what you do and get excited about it,” Korth says.

Western Carolina University NewsStudent makes mark on New York ‘hacker’ scene – December, 2011

Western Carolina University computer science student Joseph Randall Hunt has been making his mark on the New York “hacker” scene in recent months, and he’s not done with the Big Apple since a job with a software company located there will be waiting for him after his graduation from WCU.

XConomyhackNY Connects Future Innovators to New York’s Startup Scene – November, 2011

If you ask ten entrepreneurs in New York City what is the biggest impediment to building a sustainable tech ecosystem in New York City, all ten of them will tell you developer talent. We’re addressing that problem directly. We don’t believe there is a shortage of developers. We believe there is an education problem and they don’t know about the opportunities that exist for them here in New York.

BetaBeatThe Winners from HackNY’s Biggest Hackathon Ever and the Debut of the Hacker League – October, 2011

There were a few factors that made hackNY’s fourth intercollegiate hackathon the one to beat. First, the much-loved local fellowship program got ambassadors from the likes of Pivotal Labs, Foursquare, Code Academy, Twilio and Google (“But I’m not here officially,” said the rep who shall not be named) to hold office hours during the hackathon. They were on hand to help bleary-eyed hackers running on RedBull with the finer points of MongoDB and JavaScript. Then we heard 10gen, Kevin Ryan’s most promising investment, was sponsoring buses to pick up coders all the way from schools like RISD, Carnegie Mellon, and UPenn. But the real clincher was that the hackathon was organized using the Hacker League, which was itself a hack cobbled together last week by three students from Rutgers who skipped class to get it ready in time.

The Next WebWith $100K for hackNY, Raise Cache will be NYC’s hottest tech event yet – October, 2011

This November, one woman, Rebecca Zhou, and her small army are banding together to host Raise Cache, a one-night celebration of New York City’s tech scene, which aims to raise $100,000 for hackNY, a non-profit that nurtures the next generation of New York’s hackers.

New York Times’ beta620 blogStudents Hack the New York Times at hackNY Fall Hackathon – October, 2011

The New York Times was one of fourteen official API-providers, along with groups like Foursquare, Etsy, NYCPlatform (the City of New York’s data site), and tumblr, (plus unofficial API-providers like Google and Twilio) at the hackNY Fall hackathon, held over the weekend at NYU.

SF GateGroup Texting Startup GroupMe Launches App For Windows Phone 7 – July, 2011

The WP7 app project was actually headed up by one of GroupMe’s interns, [Michael Bartnett], a developer from hackNY’s Summer Fellows Program.

New York Tech BloghackNY Expands To Accommodate Flood Of Applicants – June, 2011

hackNY ranks as among the most comprehensive, immersive, and generally impressive initiatives to sharpen a few brilliant minds. It’s also great at cultivating tech talent who’ll no doubt play major roles in the scene once they’ve ‘graduated.’

BetaBeathackNY Conscripts Three Times as Many Students As Last Year to the Startup Life
– June, 2011

Betabeat asked Mr. Korth whether HackNY sees itself in competition for talent with other local, well-heeled initiatives like TechStars. “No,” emailed Mr. Korth. “We see programs like Techstars as part of the ecosystem we hope to help. A 2010 Fellow, Tal Safran, became a TechStars Hackstar after he completed the hackNY program. Monday night we held an event at Pivotal Labs and asked David Tisch to speak to the Fellows about the TechStars program. We would love to see our students go on to work at start-ups in NYC, start their own companies (possibly with the help of incubators or accelerators), and generally kick ass in the innovation community.”

The Street‘Good’ Hackers Must Fight Off Labels – June, 2011

“The hackathons are a very collaborative community, and it’s fun being creative to solve technological challenges with other people and to show off what you’ve built,” said Chris Wiggins, an associate professor in applied physics and applied mathematics at Columbia, and one of the co-founders of hackNY.

Wall Street Journal – At Mature Techs, A Young Vibe – June, 2011

In the decade since the previous dot-com boom, start-ups have stepped up their efforts to recruit on college campuses, according to Evan Korth, a computer science professor at New York University.

NYT’s Room for Debate – Grass Roots, Not Government – June, 2011

The hackNY program tries to help young people from a variety of quantitative and technical backgrounds get more involved with New York City’s growing tech start-up community. We’re educating and empowering the next generation of technology innovators.

Crain’s New York – People to Watch in Silicon Alley – June, 2011

When a computer science student with no interest in a Wall Street job said he would have to move to San Francisco to do anything interesting, “it was a dagger in my heart,” recalled Mr. Wiggins (left), an associate professor of applied mathematics at Columbia. 220;I wanted to educate students that going to startups here was another path.”

FINS Technology Tech Jobs Move East in Silicon Alley Reboot – June, 2011

“It’s easier to tell your parents you’re working for a startup when it’s through a fellowship program that’s going to pay you and provide housing,” said Tal Safran, who graduated in May and interned last summer with Aviary, a New York startup that builds Web tools.

Wall Street JournalAt NYU, Hacking the Night Away – April, 2011

Almost 300 students were up all night on Saturday, but they weren’t drinking anything stronger than Red Bull. Instead of partying, they were frantically hacking the software programs of several New York City start-ups at the hackNY Hackathon at New York University.nity gives students a chance to see inside startup life, but also gives startups a chance to showcase the innovation that’s happening right now in New York (and hopefully woo new hacking talent to the city).

Business Insider – Four Reasons Why The hackNY Kids Are Really Smart – April, 2011

By bus from Pennsylvania and Providence, by train from Hoboken and Boston, hackNY’s Spring 2011 Hackathon drew gaggles of budding designers, technologists and entrepreneurs from the best and brightest East Coast institutions to surrender that gorgeous weekend to create some big over a 24 hour marathon bender of business disruption.

NYU Local – Programmers Unite for 24-Hour Hackathon – April 2011

According to CAS freshman Misha Ponizil, events like Hackathon breed creativity: “I have tons of ideas and I haven’t had time to build any of them, but when you commit 24 hours to sitting down and writing code, you’re going to get something done.”

BetaBeat Student Coders Do It Live at hackNY Hackathon – April, 2011

Besides being student-focused and un-intimidating, the HackNY hackathons are unusual in that they are focused on building on the platforms and services of New York-based companies, such as Hunch, Foursquare, Boxee, Aviary, Etsy, Yipit and Hyperpublic. Foursquare and Hunch were the most popular A.P.I.s used at the hackathon.

TechCrunch TV: 4Chan’s Christopher Poole discusses hackNY – April, 2011

Poole (aka Moot) also talks about his “boring” Internet habits and how he went to California to recruit the team to build Canvas, his current startup, and brought them back to New York City. In the video below, he talks about how he’s helping to “keep kids off the street” and into startups with HackNY, which is doing a student-only Hackathon this weekend (sign up here), and his work as an adviser to Lerer Ventures.

The New York Observer – Mayor Bloomberg Smiles Upon hackNY – February 2011

The program has gotten recognition from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who highlighted hackNY as one out of an implied many efforts to match young technical talent with entrepeneurs. “HackNY’s expansion is just the latest example of the growing collaboration between entrepreneurs, universities and investors that is key to driving further growth in New York City’s thriving technology sector,” he said in a press release.

TechCrunch – HackNY Doubles Effort To Match Top Tech Students With NYC Startups – February 2011

The hackNY summer program is distinct in offering free, NYC-based dormitory housing to its fellows. Co-organized by professors from New York University and Columbia, the program also requires startups to pay selected interns at least $400 a week, and requires its young guns to participate in events and attend lectures by technologists, investors, and startup founders. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis from students via the website, here.

ReadWriteWebhackNY Expands Its Internship Program, Matching Student Hackers and NYC Startups – February, 2011

The opportunity gives students a chance to see inside startup life, but also gives startups a chance to showcase the innovation that’s happening right now in New York (and hopefully woo new hacking talent to the city).

Albert WegnerhackNY Now Twice as Nice – February, 2011

HackNY is a terrific program run by Evan Korth and Chris Wiggins with an awesome set of advisors including Etsy’s Chad Dickerson and’s Hilary Mason.  HackNY brings talented Computer Science students from top programs around the country to New York for the summer to intern at great startups.  Last year’s internships were a huge success with students and startups alike.

Charlie O’Donnell – Excited about hackNY’s funding and growth – February 2011

  • hackNY is working on perhaps the single biggest challenge facing NY startups – and we felt it important to participate.  (It was also great to personally have a hand in saying “thank you” to Hilary for sticking with Path 101 as long as she did, despite pay cuts and job offers)  I was glad that the whole First Round team was enthusiastic about finding the resources to be supportive.

Portfolio – More Opportunities to Break Into hackNY – February 2011

The program also requires startups to pay selected interns at least $400 a week, and asks that participants join in events and attend lectures by technologists, investors, and startup founders. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis from students via the website.

The New York Observer – HackNY’s One Year AnniversaryFebruary, 2011

  • HackNY fellows work at startups for ten weeks, supplemented by a series of talks by local tech luminaries. Startups pay the fellows $400 a week and they are offered free housing in an NYU dorm. The 2010 fellows came mostly from the Northeast, but the program is open to students all over the country. One 2010 hackNY fellow, Clement Huyghebaert, was hired by his host startup, Buzzfeed; he recently pushed a major feature, a search engine for memes.
  • Tonight, about a dozen ambassadors volunteered to hang out answering programming questions, including David Tisch of TechStars New York, 4Chan‘s Christopher “moot” Poole, Rich Frankel of and Michael Meyers from the Students hacked overnight, many fighting off sleep to code up to the deadline, fueled by caffeine, snacks and a round of ice cream served at 3am.
  • Like many other college students, 19-year-old Ian Jennings Jablonowski treks to rock concerts and plays videogames. But the East Brunswick, N.J., native also designed his first website when he was 13. Now, he’s part of a new project trying to reshape New York’s job market.
  • The Wall Street JournalSeven Reasons Tech Start-Ups Are Setting Up Shop in New York – August, 2010

    Westheimer commended the work of two professors — Evan Korth, who teaches computer science at NYU, and Chris Wiggins, an associate professor of applied mathematics at Columbia University. Both have teamed up with scientist Hilary Mason to create HackNY, a project that connects New York’s best students with the city’s the startup world.

  • Inc. MagazineThe Pros and Cons of Going Viral: More help for New York’s entrepreneurs – June, 2010

    Mayor Bloomberg’s NYC Entrepreneurial Fund has already promised $22 million to support tech start-ups in the Big Apple, and now, another organization is coming forward to get young tech entrepreneurs off the ground. According to the Wall Street Journal, HackNY hopes to lead promising computer science and math students away from Wall Street and into new careers with start-ups.

  • The DealSteering NYC’s engineers to startups – June, 2010

    With fewer jobs available on Wall Street, top-tier engineering students are increasingly pursuing careers at New York’s technology startups, reports Chris Wiggins, an associate professor of applied mathematics at Columbia University’s engineering school and co-founder of, a group aimed at educating the next generation of technologists about the opportunities in the city’s emerging tech startup sector.

  • NYU News – Tech start-ups link with NYU students – June, 2010
  • Yahoo Developer Network – YDN Theater: A Hackathon for Students – May, 2010
  • NYC Convergence – HackNY Will Sponsor 2010 Summer Internships for Engineers – May, 2010
  • Crain’s New York – Math whizzes turn to tech startups – April, 2010