hackNY Fellows Program

The hackNY Fellows program pairs quantitative and computational students with startups which can demonstrate a strong mentoring environment: a problem for a student to work on, a person to mentor them, and a place for them to work. Students enjoy free housing together over the course of 10 weeks and a pedagogical lecture series to introduce them to the ins and outs of joining and founding a startup.

Applications for the 2015 hackNY Fellowship are now closed. Applications for 2016 will open on September 26th, at the hackNY Fall Hackathon

Meet the Class of 2015 Fellows! 

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Startups: If you are looking to host a hackNY Fellow, our applications are now open!


If you have questions, please email info@hackNY.org.


hackNY Fellow FAQs

application details

Who can apply to be a hackNY Fellow?

hackNY Fellows must be current, full time students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree at the time of application.  We encourage applications from institutions across the country.  International students are also encouraged if they have visas which permit working in the United States.


I will graduate with my degree in May. Can I still apply to be a Fellow?

Yes; as long as you are a full-time student enrolled in a degree program at the time the application is submitted, you are eligible to apply to be a hackNY Fellow.


What is the application deadline?

Check back soon for application deadlines. Applications for the Class of 2016 will open September 26th, 2015.


When will I know if I have been accepted or not?

Check back soon for application deadlines. Applications for the Class of 2016 will open September 26th, 2015.

What are the qualifications for being a hackNY Fellow?

hackNY is looking for quantitatively and computationally talented student-hackers interested in advancing their skills while meeting and collaborating with peers and leaders in the NYC startup community. Past hackNY Fellows have shown expertise in diverse areas of software engineering, including front-end, back-end, design, and data science.


What should my code sample look like?

hackNY looks for code that demonstrates excellence in building in code and evidence that you enjoy building.  Personal and creative projects are of more interest than assignments for introductory classes. hackNY does not place requirements on code length or language; please submit whatever code you are most proud of in whatever languages you most enjoy using.


Is there an interview?

Not all applicants will receive an interview; in cases where we’d like more information than we can learn from your application, we’ll be in touch to schedule an interview.

If I apply early and am denied, can I apply again later in the process if I have new projects and information?

If you have a new and noteworthy accomplishment, project, or code base, let us know. Whether or not we can field additional applications will depend on how quickly the class of 2015 is admitted.


hackNY Fellows program details

How long is the hackNY Fellows program?

The hackNY Fellows program is 10 weeks long over the summer months.


Where will I live?

hackNY Fellows live in shared housing in one of the best neighborhoods in NYC, near Union Square. Most Fellows work within walking distance from Union Square.


Where can I work?

hackNY commits to finding you a great match with a host startup that has shown evidence of a strong mentoring environment. We encourage you to look at the past classes of Fellows to get a sense for what startups have hosted hackNY Fellows in the past. In the rare case that a student is admitted to the hackNY Fellows program and has already accepted an offer from a great NYC startup that has also submitted a strong application to host a hackNY Fellow, we can usually find a way for us all to work together rather than putting this match asunder.


Will the internship be paid?

Absolutely. Startups pay a competitive salary and commit to a meaningful project.


Who else will be in the program?

Total ass-kicking talented student-hackers from around the globe. You will meet some great people and, in our experience, find some great future friends and collaborators at hackNY.

What if my academic calendar has an ending date later than the start of the hackNY Fellows program?

No problem!  hackNY has had many Fellows whose academic calendar prevented them from starting with the rest of the cohort.  We’re happy to work with you to find a schedule that works for you and your host startup as well as manage any necessary adjustments to your housing and other arrangements.  This will be done on a case by case basis after admission to the Fellows program.


Will I have opportunities to explore NYC?

Of course! hackNY is excited to show you all NYC has to offer as a city, a home, and a welcoming startup community.

How will I learn about the NYC startup community?

Over your 10 weeks at hackNY you will have the opportunity to attend our speakers series which features some of the best and brightest in startups and technology.  Hear from and engage with esteemed speakers on technical topics as well as startup topics such as founding and building a startup, raising venture capital and managing investors, and avoiding legal and patent headaches while building a project or startup. hackNY Fellows also lead internal tech talks for each other over the summer to share complementary skills.

What have past hackNY Fellows done?

hackNY Fellows have impressed us with their diversity of accomplishments including: founding statups, getting graduate degrees, working at some of NYC’s best and biggest startups, working at large tech companies, becoming professional musicians, becoming game designers, freelancing as hackers-at-large, working at venture capital firms both as analysis and hackers-in-residence, or careers in design.


Are there other ways for students to interact with hackNY aside from the hackNY Fellows program?

Sure! hackNY has two main initiatives: the hackNY Fellows program and the once-per-semester hackNY student hackathons. Please do check out hackNY.org, or consider subscribing to hackNY news (http://hackny.org/a/newsletter/ ) or follow @hackNY to find out more!


Where can I email questions?

We’d appreciate you emailing info@hackNY.org, thanks! We look forward to hearing from you!