hackNY is excited to present: the Spring 2018 hackathon judges

Our spring 2018 student hackathon is a week away and we’re excited to announce the judges who will be evaluating this fall’s hacks! Check out our Devpost for more information on the hackathon!

Lauren Ashpole

Software Engineer at Food52


About hackNY:

“One of the great things about hackathons — especially when you’re starting out — is realizing how much you know and how much you can accomplish when you don’t have time to second guess yourself.”


Lauren is a software engineer at Food52, the premier destination for kitchen and home enthusiasts, offering a curated shop, industry-leading content, and an engaged community. Before that, she worked as a front-end developer at Thrillist Media Group (now Group Nine Media). In her spare time, she enjoys designing fonts and (of course) cooking.


Ke Cheng

Founder and CEO at Histowiz


About hackNY:

“I’m very excited to be a judge at the HackNY hackathon!  Looking forward to meeting some talented students passionate about bring the latest technology to biomedial researchers.”


Ke has over 10 years of experience in mouse histopathology and cancer research. She finished her PhD in Cancer Biology from Pier Paolo Pandolfi’s lab at Harvard and led a team of investigators to publish papers in journals such as Nature and Blood. Prior to founding HistoWiz, she worked at a cancer diagnostics company (NASDAQ: CGIX) and did a postdoctoral fellowship with Douglas Hanahan at the Swiss Institute of Experimental Cancer Research. Ke is actively involved in the NYC bioscience community and plays water polo in her free time.


Kamille Johnson

Software Engineer at Elucd



Kamille Johnson is a software engineer and poet. They are interested in finding ways to use tech for positive social impact. They currently work at Elucd, a small data-driven start-up that works to improve the relationship between police departments and the communities they serve. Before joining Elucd, Kamille worked at VSCO as a front-end engineer. They recently graduated from Brown University with a degree in Africana Studies and Technology Studies.


Lisha Li

Principle at Amplify Partners


About hackNY:

“Hackathons are fantastic events to practice iterating fast from idea to product.  I can’t wait to see what the students come up with.”


Lisha is a principal at Amplify Partners. She invests in technical founders solving ambitious problems. From compute substrate to the creative process, medicine to manufacturing, she is excited to be investing at a time when machine intelligence and data-driven methods have such incredible potential for impact. Investments she has been involved with include Embodied Intelligence and Primer. Lisha completed her PhD at UCBerkeley focusing on deep learning and probability. While at Berkeley she also did statistical consulting, advising on methods and analysis for experimentation and interpretation, and interned as a data scientist at Pinterest and Stitch Fix. She was the lecturer of discrete mathematics, as well as the graduate instructor for probability and computer science theory. She is @lishali88 on Twitter and @lapis.lazuli.8 on Medium.


Katie Notopoulos

Senior Reporter at BuzzFeed News


About hackNY:

“As a tech journalist, I’ve both covered, participated, and judged hackathons, and what I absolutely love is how crucial this kind of constraint and collaboration is to creativity. I’m so excited to see what amazing ideas will come out of hackNY.”


Katie Notopoulos is a senior reporter at BuzzFeed News covering digital culture and technology. She covers the way big tech companies are affecting our daily lives, as well as the niche communities that make life online fun and weird. She is the cohost of the podcast BuzzFeed’s Internet Explorer and an organizer of the Brooklyn based speaker series IRL Club.


Claudia Perlich

Senior Data Scientist at Two Sigma


Fun facts about Claudia:
Claudia holds some intramural NYU records in power lifting, owns a grandson of the triple crown winner secretariat, used to compete in vaulting, still trying to learn Busoni’s piano version of Bach’s Chaconne.


Claudia is a Senior Data Scientist at Two Sigma. Prior, she served as Chief Scientist at Dstillery (the former Media6Degrees) designing, developing, analyzing and optimizing the machine learning that drives digital advertising to prospective customers of brands. She started her career in Data Science at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, concentrating on research in data analytics and machine learning for complex real-world domains and applications. She continues to actively publish and has over 50 scientific publications to her as well as a few patents in the area of machine learning. She received a Ph.D. in Information Systems from Stern School of Business, New York University in 2005 and hold a Master of Computer Science from Colorado University.


Sisi Wei

Deputy Editor for News Applications at ProPublica


About hackNY:

“I had a chance to speak to hackNY fellows last year, and I was impressed with how they wanted to use their skills to make a real difference. I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with at this semester’s hackathon.”


Sisi Wei is the Deputy Editor for News Applications at ProPublica, where she manages a team of journalist-developers who build interactive stories that serve the public interest. Her work has ranged from investigating which U.S. colleges saddle students with debt to monitoring how often China blocks international news outlets. Sisi has won numerous Malofiej, SND Digital and ONA awards, the Gannett Award for Innovation in Watchdog Journalism, and the 2016 Data Journalism Award for Best Individual Portfolio. She has served as an adjunct professor at New York University, The New School and CUNY, and she is also the co-founder of Code with me, a high-impact, nonprofit workshop that teaches journalists how to code. Sisi previously worked at the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press.


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