Congratulations to the winners of the spring 2013 hackNY student hackathon!

1st Place: gitdown
Alexandra Qin (New York University), Geoffrey Litt (Yale)

2nd Place: AirDrum

Eddie Zaneski (Rutgers University), Ian Lozinski (Rutgers University), Sushanth Kodali (Rutgers University)

3rd Place: ModMail

Ayaka Nonaka (University of Pennsylvania), Sean Welleck (University of Pennsylvania), Diana Chen, Steven Krouse (University of Pennsylvania), Jonathan Leung (University of Pennsylvania)

Best Hardware Hack: Laser Tanks
Manuel Lopez (Rutgers University)

Funniest: Ooh La Wee
Alexsander Akers (Columbia University)

Technically impressive: Terminal Wars
Josh Matthews (Rutgers University), Kaitlin Poskaitis (Rutgers University)

Best UI/prettiest/most intuitive to use: Mapquestz
Michelle Lew (Carnegie Mellon University), Michael Helmbrecht (Carnegie Mellon University)

The 8breaker: Drone Control
Frank Carey (State University of New York at New Paltz)

Most number of APIs: Mustached Bear
Charles Lehner (University of Rochester), Kai Herng Loh (Brown University)

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