Congratulations to the winners of the spring 2013 hackNY student hackathon!

Congratulations to the winners of the spring 2013 hackNY student hackathon!

1st Place: gitdown
Alexandra Qin (New York University), Geoffrey Litt (Yale)

2nd Place: AirDrum

Eddie Zaneski (Rutgers University), Ian Lozinski (Rutgers University), Sushanth Kodali (Rutgers University)

3rd Place: ModMail

Ayaka Nonaka (University of Pennsylvania), Sean Welleck (University of Pennsylvania), Diana Chen, Steven Krouse (University of Pennsylvania), Jonathan Leung (University of Pennsylvania)

Best Hardware Hack: Laser Tanks
Manuel Lopez (Rutgers University)

Funniest: Ooh La Wee
Alexsander Akers (Columbia University)

Technically impressive: Terminal Wars
Josh Matthews (Rutgers University), Kaitlin Poskaitis (Rutgers University)

Best UI/prettiest/most intuitive to use: Mapquestz
Michelle Lew (Carnegie Mellon University), Michael Helmbrecht (Carnegie Mellon University)

The 8breaker: Drone Control
Frank Carey (State University of New York at New Paltz)

Most number of APIs: Mustached Bear
Charles Lehner (University of Rochester), Kai Herng Loh (Brown University)

Learn more about these and other awesome hacks on Hacker League!

Special thanks to our spring 2013 hackNY student hackathon judges!

We’re very excited about this weekend’s spring 2013 hackNY student hackathon!

hackNY hackathons give students an opportunity to meet each other, to find out about NYC’s great startup ecosystem, and to experience coding and solving technical challenges of your own choosing.

The schedule for the hackathon points to the final demo event where students, individually or in teams, present the creations they’ve built.

We couldn’t organize these events without the great support of a number of people, including our student organizing committee, our generous community sponsors, the great talented students who participate, and of course our panel of expert judges who help us award prizes at the end of the hackathon.

We’d like to thank in advance the judges for the spring 2013 hackNY student hackathon:

Jessica Lawrence
Rob Spectre
Chris Poole aka Moot
Sara Chipps
Abe Stanway
Aditya Mukerjee
Ian Jennings
Cliff Stein
Tami Evnin