2011 hackNY Fellow Workshops


Imagined and led by the class of 2011 hackNY Fellows, the weekly hackNY workshops exist for Fellows to teach each other skills ranging from advanced Python techniques to jujitsu and juggling. Last week’s inaugural meeting started with a tutorial on git and gitHub, presented by Aaron Marks and Michael Bartnett. “There’s more to git than just the basic commit, push, and pull commands,” Aaron began, and continued on a speedy but thorough intro to git version control. Resident hackNY rocket scientist Randall Hunt followed up with a presentation on advanced Python techniques, explaining the intricacies of the Python and how it compares to other widely used languages.

These workshops, given by and for Fellows, provide the presenters with an opportunity to share skills and knowledge they’ve built on their own while giving others the opportunity to broaden their own skill-sets. The sessions are particularly interesting because the pace is set by the Fellows’ own understanding of the material. As all the Fellows are coders, programming workshops, particularly, can go beyond being simple introductions and get into more complex issues much faster than typical talks.