10gen matching donations this week to the class of 2010 hackNY Fellows’ Kickstarter

hackNY would like to thank Meghan Gil and all the great people of 10gen for agreeing to match all donations for the next week, Wednesday April 20-Wednesday April 27, to the kickstarter project organized by the class of 2010 hackNY Fellows to support the class of 2011. The success of hackNY would not be possible without the support of NYC’s great startup community as well as our alumni. 10gen and 10gen’s mongoDB team have been great contributors to this success: mongoDB has been one of the most popular presentations at each of our student hackathons and was a great host startup to Chris Triolo from Princeton, a member of the class of 2010 hackNY Fellows!

Please do consider helping the 2010 Fellows reach their goal at http://kck.st/h7FVJ6, and thanks again to 10gen!!!

Special thanks to our Spring 2011 hackathon judges!

We’re very excited about this weekend’s spring 2011 hackNY.org student hackathon!

hackNY hackathons give talented students an opportunity to
meet each other, to find out about NYC’s great startup ecosystem, and
to experience how hacking together a solution can be
challenging, collaborative, and creative. The schedule for the hackathon
points to the final demo event where students, individually or in
teams, present the creations they’ve built.

We couldn’t organize these events without the great support of a number
of people, including our student organizing committee, our generous sponsors,
the great talented students who participate, and of course our panel of
expert judges who help us award prizes at the end of the hackathon.

We’d like to thank in advance the judges for the spring 2011 hackathon: