hackNY 2010 Fellows: still rocking, looking forward to meeting class of 2011

We had a little reunion with many of the 2010 hackNY Fellows Tuesday night over hamburgers and shakes.

Ian, Clement and Tal

The grub was delicious and the company was even better — our Fellows continue to impress us! Here are some highlights of what they’re up to now:

  • At the 2010 hackNY Fall Hackathon Tal and Max launched Foursqwhere, which captures Foursquare checkins by university students to determine who is the mayor of each school.
  • Max recently launched Don’t Eat At, which alerts you via text when you check into a restaurant that’s in danger of being closed for health code violations. He’ll be presenting it during February’s New York Tech Meetup.
  • Tal is working as a HackStar helping the talented team of startups selected for the New York TechStars accelerator program.
  • Clement continues to work at Buzzfeed. He was hired on after his hackNY internship ended and continues to enjoy his work and team.
  • Stuart was accepted into grad school at Columbia and is excited to dive into his new coursework.
  • Nolan had a great time in London
  • Ian is building out the Twilio alarm clock tool he created during the Fall Hackathon.
  • Tengchao continues to work with Buzzd
Ian, Tal and Evan

It was great to catch up with the alumni, and this won’t be the last time we’ll be seeing them — they’re excited to stay involved to mentor this year’s class of hackNY Fellows and share their advice, expertise and insider’s perspectives. 2011 hackNY Fellows will be lucky to have last year’s alumni showing them the ropes of the NYC startup scene!

Chris, Andres and Clement
Tengchao, pointing to his awesome brain.
HackStar Tal

Thanks to Alex Qin for the photos!