hackNY Summer 2010 Demofest!

On July 30th, the hackNY fellows presented their summer projects to an audience of technologists, community members, and friends. The hackNY fellows spent the summer working with awesome startups in New York City. Their projects were all completed during the course of their ten week internships.

With a live graphical demo, Tal Safran showed us the RESTful image manipulation tools he created while working at Aviary.

He was followed by Max Stoller with a realtime twitter visualization board for conferences for Designer Pages, and Ian Jennings presenting a prototype of a content curation system that he built this summer at bit.ly.

The more algorithmic projects included Stuart Partin presenting his work on test questions at Knewton, Tengchao Zhou describing a new algorithm for searching through latitude / longitude locations at buzzd, and Anil Raj rejuvenating the “love machine” at OKCupid by finding a more optimal ordering for their matchmaking questions.

Jacob Hickey presented the dashboard he worked on at Parse.ly, and Chris Triolo showed off the hardcore c driver he worked on for mongodb at 10gen.

Finally, Nolan Filter presented a hilarious video of from within the video player that he created this summer at Business Insider, and Julie Dinerman gave an overview of the Ruby on Rails code she implemented at Aprizi, including features which are now used internally and expected to launch soon!

It was great to see the variety of work that the fellows created over the last ten weeks, and how many people came to support them!