Announcing the hackNY Summer Internship Program

We’re very excited about the launch of the hackNY initiative to federate and train the next generation of NYC startup engineers. The main component of this initiative is the summer internship program, which includes colocated housing, a series of technical lectures from NYC startup CTOs and other stakeholders, and a series of pedagogical lectures on what every engineer should know before joining the rapidly expanding NYC startup ecosystem.


hackNY’s launch party was the first ever NYC intercollegiate hackathon, spanning 7pm April 2 to 7 pm April 3. We had a fantastic turnout of talented students: over 200 students from 40 NYC area schools RSVPed.

We kicked off with demos and presentations of APIs and datasets from NYC’s hottest startups, including Foursquare, Aviary and Chartbeat as well as from the New York Times. Then, armed with these new technologies, their innate talents and creativity, and the most pizza, Red Bull, and burritos the Courant Institute has ever seen, students broke into teams to create their own applications and mashups.

HackNY Day Two

Student demos on Saturday night in front of local founders, developers, and investors blew everyone away. Three teams awarded special recognition then presented at the Tuesday April 6 New York Tech Meetup.

We hope all these participating students will apply here for the hackNY internship program, and then tell all their friends to do so as well. Interested startups should apply here. We are looking forward to meeting and working with all of you.